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Club fitting is becoming the rule rather than the exception in the golf industry. Are you providing your clients with the very best club fitting on the market?


BGF has consistently provided golfers with improved accuracy, increased consistency and more distance. In essence, exactly what your clients are looking for.


The challenge for you is getting a fitting system that:


  • is universal (covers all major head, shaft and grip brands),

  • provides consistent results,

  • is easy to use,

  • improves your client experience,

  • and increases your bottom line.

Benefits of the BGF Fitting System to Your Facility


Enhance the Member/Customer Experience


Access to a comprehensive fitting system:

Your clients are seeking out the best possible solutions to improving their golf games. They will go anywhere in the world if they think it will improve their games. BGF is the most sophisticated fitting system in the golf industry today. The BGF (Better Golf…Faster) fitting system is a proprietary fitting system that is used by over 25 professional fitting centers around the world.


Improve member/customer golf performance:

Our golfers shave anywhere from 2 to 20 strokes off their golf games with properly fit equipment from our high tech fitting and precision building process.


Improve Your Profitability and Brand


Improve Your Facility Brand Image

By implementing BGF in your facility, you will control the brand awareness of your fitting capabilities. BGF is only interested in facilitating your success by providing you with the best fitting system in the golf industry.


Increase Revenue from Equipment Sales

With a more sophisticated fitting system, more of your clients will purchase their equipment through your facility. We believe you can increase your revenue from equipment sales by several hundred thousand dollars per year.


Increase Revenue from Fitting Fees

The sophistication and detailed recommendations and reports of the BGF Fitting System will allow you to charge higher fitting fees, if that is in your business model. If you are providing fitting as a service to your customers, you will be providing a service that would cost them several hundred dollars at a high end fitting center.

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