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Custom clubfitting at the tour level takes the right amount of fitter expertise, fitting system recommendations, and validation on a tour-level ball flight monitor. With BGF you will see a dramatic improvement in these areas:


Customer Satisfaction is Increased:


Clients that have been through a BGF fitting and purchased equipment that is built to their specifications have seen significant improvement not only in scores but enjoyment of the game. And it is these satisfied customers that refer their friends and help grow your fitting business!










Profitability is Increased:


With the BGF Fitting System you have the ability to significantly increase profitability through higher margins on custom, after-market shafts and increased fitting fees. Instead of struggling with 25% equipment margins, you could see gross margins in excess of 40%.


Fitter Expertise will be Enhanced:


The BGF Team has over 100 years of collective golf fitting and custom building experience, yet we continue to learn new fitting solutions every day. Our team will help your fitters learn all about the latest in head, shaft, and ball flight monitor technology and how to effectively use this knowledge to improve the results of your clients.



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