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This is our team here at BGF! Combined we have over 100 years of experience in the Golf Industry. We are all currently involved in the custom fitting and building side of golf equipment and are passionate about helping your clients play Better Golf... Faster!

Dan Sueltz

My goal is to develop the best golf equipment testing and fitting technology to help golfers improve their games. I have spent the last ten years developing a golf equipment fitting technology that eliminates the guesswork in fitting golf clubs to a player's unique swing. Our company has helped over 10,000 golfer's improve their games by improving consistency, accuracy and distance.

P.J. Garber

P.J. started his career in the golf industry nearly 40 years ago for a company that designed boutique golf clubs. After taking leave from the industry for a few years, he joined D’Lance Golf as a club fitter and builder. During his 16 years at D’Lance Golf, P.J. has been instrumental in identifying new fitting techniques and validating the accuracy of the BGF Fitting System.

Jason Beery

Jason has been involved in the golf arena for more than 10 years. He recently owned and operated a successfull Golf Etc. franchise from 2006 - 2012. Jason has been voted as the Regional Club-Fitter of The Year in 2010 by PING Golf. Jason is currently the Director of sales at BGF! Prior to the Golf industry Jason grew up in the construction world where he eventually owned his own company specializing in Commercial, multi-family and Custom Home projects ranging from $1 million to $20 million.

Kevin Borgmann

Kevin has been an avid golfer all of this life and owned a successful publishing company before joining D’Lance Golf in 2009. As Production Manager, Kevin is responsible for the timely and quality production of tour built clubs. His meticulous style has taken the production quality of custom built clubs to the highest level in the industry.

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